Collection: Prints

In 2005, there was a show and sale of the illustrations from the children's classic Love You Forever, at The Loch Gallery in Toronto. On the show's opening day the full collection was purchased by one buyer. The price tag? $300,000.

While the original drawings weren't in the realm of affordability for most of us, Sheila McGraw has created the next best thing in limited-edition, hand-signed prints.

McGraw has carefully reproduced her art in a limited series of Giclée Prints. With meticulous attention to color, paper, and image, these prints, hand-pulled and trimmed, printed on 100% acid-free, heavy rag paper, are an exact duplicate of the size and coloring of the original art.

Add the joy of art and color to a child's room or a baby's nursery with a Giclée Print of one of Sheila McGraw's illustrations from Love You Forever or from one of her other best-selling books.