The Creators of Love You Forever®

Robert Munsch, Author, Love You ForeverAuthor: Robert Munsch 

Robert Munsch is an American-Canadian children's author known for his exuberant storytelling methods, with exaggerated expressions and acted voices. He makes up his stories in front of audiences and refines them through repeated tellings. 

Love You Forever®, one of Munsch's best-known books, was listed fourth on the 2001 Publishers Weekly All-Time Bestselling Children's Books list for paperbacks at 6.97 million copies (not including the 1.049 million hardcover copies). It has since sold more than 30 million copies and has been featured on the episode "The One With the Cake" from the television show Friends, as well as being mentioned by Oprah Winfrey on Late Night with David Letterman as being her favorite children's book.

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Illustrator: Sheila McGraw

Sheila McGraw was born in Toronto and began her career as an illustrator and copywriter for retail fashion outlets and editorial publications. In 1986 she was approached by Firefly Books to illustrate "Love You Forever®" written by Robert Munsch. As that book achieved success she wrote and/or illustrated several craft and children's books. McGraw's "Papier-Mache for Kids" was awarded the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award. Her artwork has been widely exhibited and represented by the Loch Galleries in Canada.

The best seller Love You Forever® has been voted Most Iconic Book Cover in a readers' poll conducted by CBC. Today, Sheila McGraw is painting and writing in Houston Texas. She is the mother of 3 grown sons.